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I have been writing a tech blog for some time now, and last year I added a few bbq related posts to it, saying at the time that really one day, maybe I would start a new blog just for food stuff.  So being as it's a new year I figured why not give it a punt?  Cooking is one of the things I still get a little time to do amidst work & two young children (on account of it being kind of essential) so I guess might as well write a bit about it.

One of the bigger problems with trying to blog about recipes and stuff is that I generally just wing it most of the time, and a lot of the quantities are going to be trial and error, adjusting to taste - along the lines of a dollop of this, then a bit more, then another dollop - but lets see.

During the summer, chances are the recipes will be dominated by BBQ recipes, the rest of the year will likely be everything else.  The kind of things I enjoy to cook are generally very rich and indulgent - the kind of things that taste good on cold evenings and where de-glazing the pan afterwards is always the best bit of the meal. Rich, tomato sauces, slow-cooked casseroles, cheesey-tomatoey-creamy bakes.  That and cookies. I like cookies.

Inspired largely by the kind of food writing & recipes that Nigel Slater writes, or Kenji & Serious Eats are famous for. I love the science, experimentation and explanations from Kenji and the FoodLab guys, and love the warm, indulgent, no-fuss approach that Nigel Slater takes. Theirs are the books I can (and frequently do) pick up and re-read over and over again.  They make great coffee table books and great reading at any time, regardless of whether you have the time and inclination to cook.

rob hinds Shambolically fumbling my way around the kitchen

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